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A one stop shop for all things creative...

Established in 2004, we are a small but creative graphic design, illustration & photographic studio based in New Zealand,, serving a variety of clients nationwide as well as a few abroad.



Commercial design for business

Whether you want a professional logo for your new business, a revamped look for a tired brand or promotional material for your business, an upcoming event or a product.

We offer all the services and quality of a big advertising agency with the advantage of smaller bills and direct client / designer contact (to ensure you get the best possible creative outcomes for your business & brand, at the best price without the Chinese whispers).


Visitor Experience & Tourism Design

Telling a story, delivering a message or selling an experience... Our design isn't just about making something look beautiful or professional, it is first and foremost based around effectiveness.



(BMA Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography)

phone. 027 4555 640 


Role: Founder of Crave Design.

Experience: 14+ years as a graphic designer and business owner. Contract designer for a variety of creative agencies.

Passionate about: all things design, photography and illustration. Nature and the outdoors. Aotearoa inspired.

Specialises in: logo design and design for tourism industry / visitor experience. Maori and kiwi flavour design.

Gets her kicks from: design that works. Helping nice people! Inspiring people to appreciate and care for our awesome country. Transforming the look of small/medium businesses, professionalising their brand, giving them the 'face' (and pride and confidence) to compete with their bigger competitors. 

Loves her job because: it's always creative. And so diverse - some days I'm a business advisor, marketing guru, artist, photographer, production manager, illustrator ...all on the same day. 

Looks forward to: design challenges, new projects. Meeting more awesome clients and good people.

My why:

To be a part of increasing the unity and pride of the people of Aotearoa as a collective through design.




(BMA Graphic Design)

phone. 021 0223 6573 


Role: Co-director of Crave Design.

Experience: 13+ years as a graphic designer and qualified builder

Passionate about: solution based design and helping people achieve their design visions. 

Specialises in: Signage design and finding cost effective creative ways of producing final outcomes, also I have a strong web design background.

Gets his kicks from: the thank you calls at the end of a big job / making people happy.

Loves his job because: there is always something different on the go - no two jobs or clients are the same, and over time its cool to develop trusting relationships between clients and ourselves, we can feed off each others creatively and trust!

Looks forward to: creative thinking and coming up with solutions for design and signage 'problems'.

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