Step one:...

We sit down and have a chat about your business - where you sit in the market, what you want to achieve, who you are aiming to attract.


Step two:

We come up with a couple of different concepts for your brand and get your thoughts and preferences.


Step three:

Taking into account your feedback we develop our designs until we have a successful finished product we are both happy with.


Step four:

Final logo/s supplied to you in a variety of different formats depending on what is applicable (may include portrait or landscsape versions, screen/web and print files for a variety of different appplications).


Step five:

If required we can supply a Brand Specifications document detailing things like colours, fonts, size recommendations and how your logo can and can't be used, to keep consistancy with application, and a strong brand moving forward.


Step six:

Stationery, signage, advertising... Basically anywhere you want to put your new logo, we can design and create it!



We're always keen to be involved in exciting new projects, drop us a line to discuss what you've got happening, we'd love to help!

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