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The Sweet House >

Hi Natalie,


The business cards have arrived and we are VERY VERY VERY happy with them – they look amazing – so much more serious and classy than what we have been using – very pleased with the result – thanks – happy to hand THESE ones out now!!!


The flyer is amazing too ... jeez, we owe you so much that there is no money in the world that can measure up to what you are helping us with.


Chat later


Astrid Griffin

The Sweet House Ltd

Hamilton Gardens >

Hi Natalie,


Thanks so much for all your work – we have had such positive feedback from it.


Apparently we are being held up as the ‘poster child’ at Hamilton Waikato Tourism!


Rafting New Zealand >

Hey nat,


Your amazing!


Thanks so much for the effort. I owe you one!!!!


xx P

Kelda >

I'm about to start a project with xxx.  They were so impressed with the presentation you did of the Hamilton Gardens MP, so I told them you were excellent to work with and suggested that they might like to contact you to do something for them :-). 


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