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In over our heads, or just plain sailing - Taupo Waka Festival

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Its not very often we feel like 'we're in over of heads' but last weekend was one of those days as team Crave (with the help of a couple of friends) participated in the Te Hokinga ki te Wai (Return to the water) Taupō Waka Festival.

If you've meet team us at Crave you would agree that we're not really built to paddle Waka's aroud New Zealand largest inland body of water but... after narrowly avoiding a tip out rounding the boy in the first heat we scraped into the final. And then in the final after following the pack up the first leg, keeping it cool, we managed to steer oursleves clear of a tangle up around the top mark which engolfed 4 other teams - crusing in to take 3rd place, which we were stoked about (as other other teams had obviously been in a waka before).

Just PLAIN SAILING some would say.

Massive shout out to the Taupo Waka Ama Club for putting on such a good day, and would fully recommend getting a team together and heading along next year - what a great team building exersise.

Check out a quick video from the day on you tube.

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